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Tunbridge Wells is one of my busiest and most rewarding venues for wedding photography. The terrace at Salomons Estate, the lake at the Spa Hotel, the staricase at the Hotel Du Vin and many other spots within Tunbridge Wells wedding venues providing beautiful wedding backdrops.

For the past 10 years I've worked closely with my Tunbridge Wells wedding clients to develop a photographic style and photography service that maximises coverage of your wedding with minimal impact. It is an agile and responsive blend of the six types of wedding imagery I have grouped into small sample galleries below.

Portraits of brides from Tunbridge Wells weddings. These include venues within the Tunbridge wells areas such as the Spa Hotel, Hotel du Vin and Salomons Estate.
Formal, informal and wedding reportage style portraits of brides with their grooms from Tunbridge Wells and nearby venues including Bodiam Castle and Swallows Oast Barn.
A hint of the detail and emotion my style of wedding ceremony photography aims to capture. The gallery gives examples from some of the wedding ceremonies in and around the Tunbridge Wells area I've photographed.
The spontaneity, spirit, soul and unique character of each Tunbridge Wells wedding I attend. Those little, unexpected moments that so distinctly capture the character of you, your friends and family at your natural best.
Formal and informal wedding group portraits that take advantage of the surroundings at your wedding venue.
The detail and beauty of your wedding ring, wedding shoes, wedding bouquet, wedding cake and details on your wedding dress can so often make for beautiful images all on their own.

Portraits of the Bride

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That first moment you catch yourself in the mirror once your wedding makeup is complete, wedding hair perfected and your wedding dress veil and jewellery are all on is a moment you'll never forget. Depending on your preference we can photograph your bridal portraits formally, informally or in a more reportage style. Formally is often done best in the morning before your wedding ceremony and everything is still pristine and the makeup artist and stylist are still on hand in your Tunbridge Wells bridal suite, or at home often on the stairs if you are getting ready there.

Something a little more informal and romantic is often best achieved as the sun starts to set. These can work particularly well if your MUA and stylist are staying for your whole wedding day and we have a venue with lots of outside space such as the grounds at Pashly Manor, The Spa and Hotel du Vin.

Reportage portraits are often best taken during your reception for example the gardens at Wakehurst Place, the terrace at Salomons where there is space for your guests to be around you and for you to totally loose sight of where I am and hence be at your most natural in the photographs that result.


The Bride & Groom

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A little while after your wedding ceremony and after you have spent a little time with your wedding guests as a newly married couple, a litte time alone together is often highly desired. This little breather is one of the best times to spend ten to fifteen with me and perhaps your closest bridesmaid nearby to help adjust your wedding dress and hair, or my assistant if we are using two photographers too capture a few relaxed portraits of you together. Nothing to formal or overly stylised as this can reduce the the depth of the natural affection between you both shining through in the photographs. I find photographing you together from a litle distance with only the very lightest of direction, if needed, makes for the best and most natural portraits of you together.

During our consultation(s) before your wedding we can chat and get a rough idea of where you might like these portraits taken. For venues near Tunbridge Wells common, a quiet walk to a park bench makes for a simple and relaxed image. For the larger Tunbridge Wells wedding venues, often a walk in the grounds provides the perfect environment. For summer weddings, a spot with shade is ideal, for winter weddings a location that embraces the beautiful colours of the winter setting sun to enhance the romance of your images is often favourable.

Throughout the rest of your wedding day I will capture other moments when you are together in a more reportage style. Typically this includes when you leave your Tunbridge Wells church, during the wedding reception drinks as you talk with your wedding guests as well as other unique moments that occur during your day.


Photographing the Details

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Often so much time and effort is put in to choosing all the little details that complete the atmosphere and character of your day. It is the same with your wedding dress, wedding jewellery, wedding shoes and bouquet and floristry.Dependant on the importance of remembering all these little details in the years ahead, I can spend the approaporaite amount of time photographing these wedding details as well as your wedding breakfast, order of service, church decorations and anything else that is of importance to you.

I like to photograph everything in context. Your wedding bouquet fresh in the morning laying on the bed of your bridal suite in Tunbridge Wells. The wedding rings in the plam of the best man's hand. Your wedding breakfast laid out in perfect order ready and waiting for you and your guests to enter. The detail in your wedding dress as you wear it on the day, or hanging from a chandelier in the room you prepared for your wedding.

If your wedding rings have been purchased from a Tunbridge Wells Jewellery and you are having them engraved there it may be possible for me to arrange them being photographed as they are engraved. Its really all about what matters to you as a guidance to how I blend the style and focus of your wedding photography.


Wedding Ceremony

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All the churches and wedding ceremony venues in Tunbridge Wells and the villages nearby offer a multitude of approaches to photographing your ceremony. It comes down to your own preferences and the images that matter to you. In the smaller locations I will usually remain static for the duration of your ceremony. For the larger venues its usual for me to move around during the wedding service without being noticed, normally when the wedding hymns are being sung.

The wedding ceremony photographs begin as you arrive at your church or venue with dad or the person you have chosen to give you away. At churches like the one in Speldhurst with its tree lined path atmospheric reportage style images as you and your dad walk together to the church begin the story. A special moment for the two of you to share and to look back on fondly when you see the images I craft without you noticing.

During the ceremony I like to begin by photographing your father and you walking along the aisle towards your groom. This can either be down from behind you at the back of the church or discretly from the front behind your celebrant. Other key moments include your being given away to your groom, looking at each other as you exchange your vows, capturing the placing of rings on each others fingers and the very first kiss once you are married. I carry multiple lenses and at least two camera bodies to ensure whatever the size of your ceremony room and the location(s) available to me all these photographs are possible. I employ professional wedding photography techniques and photographic methods to ensure there is no need for artifical or flash light that would disrupt your wedding service. If the ceremony is of great importance there is always the option of including one of my assistant photographers to reduce movement and ensure maximum coverage.


Wedding Groups

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Wedding group photography, perhaps more so in the beautiful grounds of many Tunbridge Wells wedding receptions than elsewhere in Kent, Sussex and Surrey provides the perfect opportunity to create memories of several different aspects of your wedding. All the effort you put visiting wedding dress boutiques in Tunbridge Wells and beyond to coordinate your bridesmaids dresses, style and wedding flowers with your own captured as one memorable image with you all together grouped in the most flattering arrangement.

The group photos are a great chance to remember your venue as it can form the frame around or within which the wedding group is arranged. For example the courtyard swimming pool at Powedermills surrounded by its gardens and the hotel a little way south of Tunbridge Wells makes for a wonderful focal point for your wedding guests to gather around. (if you cant see that image in the gallery above then please try rotating your device to landscape/horizontal).


Wedding Reportage

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After the bridal portraits, my reportage wedding photography is probably the second most mentioned aspect of my wedding work that referred clients highlight when we first meet. It is also my personal favourite subject matter. To me, it forms the main theme and basis of the unique wedding story that I tell pictorally for each of my wedding clients.

Lively reception parties make me smile, times when I have been surrounded with guests celebrating with vigour have made for some huge smiles when clients see just how much fun everyone was having. If youre brave enough its also well worth making sure the best man and chief bridesmaid swap numbers with me too, just in case they have any little wedding day surprises lined up.

Leaving the wedding ceremony outside St Marks Church in Tunbridge Wells in a sixty year old motorcycle side-car combination or leaving the wedding reception from Ashdown Park hotel in a hot air ballon create golden opportunities for moments that I capture to portray the unique essence of your wedding day and relationship. At its heart this aspect of my work is all about observing, understanding and capturing the warmth, emotions and type of close relationship you have with those near and dear to you that you have asked to share your wedding day with you.

Years of photographing weddings at the best Tunbridge Wells wedding venues has given me the expereince and understanding to often know when and where moments to remember will happen and to be ready and looking out for them.


Photography Service & Fees

£985 (Tunbridge Wells)
• Exclusive all-day photography
• 100 hand edited digital images
• No copyright restrictions
• No requirement to purchase prints
• Face to face consultation
• On-going digital communications
• 2nd photographer (£495)
• Pre-wedding photoshoot (£250)
• Wedding book (POA)
• Wall art / desk art (POA)
• Image NPA (£295)
• You are welcome to create you own prints from the full resolution images supplied. Equally there are no restrictions on sharing online or publishing your images to social media.
• Attendance at your wedding and any pre-wedding face to face consultations will, of course, be undertaken in accordance with the prevailing Covid-19 guidelines at the time.
• Please get in touch for pricing and arrangements for destination wedding photography outside of the UK and for honeymoon party coverage.


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