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close provides more than most wedding photography providers. The foundation and fundamental service and values are based around providing a vibrant, highly personal and unique photographic story that richly document the emotion, beauty and celebration of each wedding couples wedding that we attend. Whilst our services are centred around Royal Tunbridge Wells, East Sussex, West Sussex and Surrey, we work with clients throughout the UK and, on occassion, the near continent too.

We also work with wedding venues, wedding co-ordinators, wedding florists, wedding jewellers, wedding dress designers, wedding make up artists (MUAs), stylists, car providers, wedding caterers, wedding cake makers, honeymoon cottage owners, toastmasters, wedding outfitters and wedding stationers. Primarily we work with these service provider to develop their online brand and promotion imagery. However when asked we will always recommend service providers we have worked with and know well to our wedding photography clients.

A complete, well established wedding photographey service. Starting at £985 it includes full day coverage, from early morning preparations through to the first dance and beyond. I Focus on photographing wedding at wedding venues in Berkshire, Dorset, Hampshire, Kent, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Sussex and Wiltshire.
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Working with wedding venues to help promote and highlight what they can offer to couples on their wedding day is a core part of the work I do in between photographing weddings. It enables me to understand better how your venue works as well as focusing down with you on how you best like your venue portrayed. Whether it be wide vistas of your grounds and property facades, room, style and decor details or images from actual weddings, or wedding fairs I often work with venue marketing teams to create complete photographic portfolios to help increase wedding bookings.
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Over the years and countless weddings I have been amazed by the skill and art in some of the wedding floristry I have seen. I have noticed how helpful its been for wedding couple to be able to recommend a particular florist with a particular style for a couple in a particular location. I am always on the look out for new quality wedding florists to work with, be able to recommend and help promote their brand.
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Whether you are a wedding jeweller based in Hatton Garden, London or anywhere in England I am always interested in working with new, highly skilled wedding jewellers. Be it to dress models for wedding dress designer photoshoots, wedding venue photoshoots, or wedding florist photoshoots, having a good jeweller to add the sparkle to the image is crucial. Equally I am frequently asked to photograph wedding jewellers both at work creating bespoke designs or to highlight finished pieces on Instagram, Pinterest etc. The difference in image quality and detail definition is essential to the more serious wedding jeweller.
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Providing the photographs and visual imagery to promote quality wedding dress designers makes a real difference to their online presence. Beign able to bring together professional models, professional wedding make-up artists and stylists, distinctive wedding florists, wedding jewellers all at a scenic and romantic wedding venue takes your online and brochure and boutique POS to the next level.
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Obviously wedding make-up artists and stylists are of particular interest to me. For bride clients that want to look their very best I like to be able to recommend an MUA and stylist that I have worked with and seen their ability to create a style that works with the bride and her dress to create true beauty. Equally when working with wedding dress designers on a project to promote their dresses, omce the models are selected it is the MUA and stylist that I look for next as you are crucial to matching the model to the dress and merging the look together.
The wedding car is often overlooked in the modern wedding photography portfolio. I have worked with clients who havent been supplied with any images of their cars at actual weddings. This can create a real disadvantage especially if you have a more rare, exclusive wedding car(s). To overcome this I will frequently invite wedding car providers to attend wedding dress and wedding venue shoots to enable the creation of beautiful, images with a model bride in an eyecatching wedding dress in and by your car at an impressive wedding venue.
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It almost impossible for wedding caterers to obtain photographs and images of your carefully crafted meals during a wedding. No bride or guest appreciates a wedding photographer leaning over their shoulder to photograph what you have crafted. So to counter this, I offer services such as photographing the presentation of your plates during your menu tastings and arrangements with wedding venues and wedding marquee kitchens to photograph your wedding catering looking its best before each course is served.
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The intricacy, craft and time taken to produce a wedding cake are so often not understood by couples searching for their wedding cake provider. For my wedding cake clients, I like to use close macro photography to highlight the detail within the icing, ensure cakes are positioned in the best light in a room, not just against a wall as the venues so often place them. In addition I will spend time with you to capture key stages of your cake making process. The finished set of cake photographs help you tell the story of both the quality and finish as well as the effort and time you put in creating each individual wedding cake.
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Over recent times the fashion for honeymoon cottages in this country has become increasing noticable. I've experienced a strong increase in requests from owners to create professional images to give their property a strong visual edge on property rental sites like AirBnB and other online aggregators and market places as well as at wedding fairs and other wedding industry channels.
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For wedding toastmasters I provide two main services. Professional grade portraits at your preferred or most popular venues as well as reportage style imagery during weddings you work at that I am attending. Secondly, often when producing marketing and promotional photography for wedding venues we like to include a local toastmaster to heighten the level of prestige created.
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Whether its wedding shoes, bridesmaids outfits, wedding hats for mother of the bride, wedding dresses and accessories or morning and lounge suits for the grooms, ushers and page boys I will be happy to create imagery for you to promote your brand. We can use you own models or I can source them for you.
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Creating beatiful wedding venue imagery for the best wedding venues in Berkshire, Dorset, Hampshire, Kent, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Sussex and Wiltshire

Following the deeply negatively effects Covid has had on the wedding industry these past few months, I am noticing many forward thinking wedding venues are taking this opportunity to refresh and improve thier brand imagery. Especially now that the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be beginning to shine with the recent news of vaccine development.

So if you are begining to plan for your post-covid marketing and brand update to esnure you can best serve the coming post-covid wedding surge, I am very interested to hear you imagery requirements and how I can help you realise or surpass them. I have extremly flexible pricing then can accomodate the basic essentials with only a couple of hours of photography with just myself all the way through to a full day of work with my whole team. No matter the scale of your commission all editing and post production will be undertake by hand by myself. No photograph editing or post production will be done by automated batch processing

Whether its an update of imagery perhaps after a refresh of your bridal suite, wedding rooms and exterior landscaping through to a complete wedding venue photoshoot with bridal models in new wedding dress designs from a local wedding dress designer along with floral dressing from a nearby wedding florist, local wedding cars to complete your exterior frontage photographs, everything can be arranged for you or I can collobrate with your marketing team in creating a unique and complete photoshoot for the specific needs of your wedding marketing vision. I'm always happy to have an informal chat over the phone, on Teams or in person (Covid restrictions permitting of course) to take things forward with you.

Wedding Bouquets, Wedding Corsages & Arrangements, Wedding Venue and Wedding Dress Promotion

Instagram, Google and Facebook are so often these days the preffered channel for advertising and brand publicity to your potential clients.With so many competitors out there especially in Surrey and Berkshire for example, it can seem hard to be able to stand and attract more clients. Having worked closely with some fantastic wedding florists in Tunbridge Wells, Winchester, Brighton, Bournemouth and Oxfordshire I am happy to be able to offer a wedding floristry photography service throughout England. A service aimed to depict the superior quality, design and colour in your creations that will shine through in your online branding and promotion.

So that you are able to show the time, effort and skill required in crafting your wedding bouquets, wedding corsages and floral wedding arrangements, I will spend a day with you at your workshop to create a documentary style set of images that detail the hours of time, intricate skils and eye for design you employ. Detailed macro photography with either natural light or portable softbox and pro grade studio lighting shows the detail of bouquet dressing and corsage construction.

Reportage portraits are often best taken during your reception for example the gardens at Wakehurst Place, the terrace at Salomons where there is space for your guests to be around you and for you to totally loose sight of where I am and hence be at your most natural in the photographs that result. Then using natural lighting, or portable studio lighting and with all the time in world to choose and portray the best 'face' of your floristy week we will work together to create a stand-out, eye grabbing collection of wedding bouquets, wedding corsages, table arrangements and any other creations you specialise in and are in demand for and you would like to promote to your potential client base.

Another, and significantly increasing area of work, particulary in these times of Covid, is brand refresh and preparation for post-covid promotion by wedding dress designers, wedding boutiques and wedding venues. I frequently have the need for market leading, professional and reliable wedding florists throughout England to supply high end wedding bouquets and other arrangements to complete the look for model brides in new wedding dress designs and wedding venues wanting to dress their wedding rooms for new promotional imagery to catch the wave of weddings that are currently on hold.

So whether you are thinking about taking your online branding to the next level or are interested in supplying to and being part of wedding venue photoshoots, wedding boutique photoshoots or wedding dress promotional photography please get in touch so we can discuss and explore possibilities.

Jewel Selection & Cutting, Clasp & Mount Detail & Design, Completing Wedding Dress Photoshoot Outfits

After meeting a fantastic wedding jeweller at a photoshoot to promote a wedding dress designer near Henley, Oxfordshire several years ago I became fascinated with the art and science of wedding jewellery design in particular the cutting of gemstones and their mounting to create the best effect through how the light travels through the jewellery.

As a result of my experience in Henley, whenebver I create photography portfolios for wedding jewellers I find myself wanting to understand the thought processes and design features behind every piece of wedding jewellery I photograph for them. Backlit softbox lighting with macro length lenses tripod mounted are just the starting point and provide those great stock images that'll you'll know so well from researching you best competitors online presence.To accomodate this style of jewellery photography I use lightboxes and softboxes from 9 inches square for wedding rings, tennis bracelets, brooches, cufflinks, tie pins and wedding earrings. For larger pieces like necklaces, gentleman's pocket watches and wedding tiaras. I use a collection of surface tiles to present them on ranging from marble through to reflective polished dark stone, ceramic and perspex dependant on the style of jewellery.

In addition to the foundation macro lightbox images, jewellers often like images showing them at work, creating delicate, intricate mounts, selecting jewels, engraving and even cutting jewels. I employ natural light photography techniques that allow all the detail of your craftsmanship to shine through in your portfolio without any distracting flashlight, speedlite or studio flash bursts distracting your vision.

Finally, I work with distinctive wedding jewellers to provide that finishing touch when creating brand photography for my wedding dress designer clients. If you are interested in showcasing your bridal jewellery or pieces from your bridesmaid or wedding groom collection as part of whole day wedding dress photoshoots from designers in your region at wedding venues near to your base then please do not hestiate to get in touch.

Photography for wedding dress designers using wedding models @ your favourite wedding venue

I am acutely aware of the challenges currently facing many of the wedding dress designers I work with. The competition and pricing from the offshore online websites has caused many headaches. So its more essential than ever for you to be able to showcase the quality, detail, design features, quality, uniqueness and ability to fit a bride that bit better with your wedding dresses. To help you overcome these challenges to your market share and client base, I have developed a few wedding photography portfolio subject areas to help you depcit your own brand as well as highlighting the time, effort and professionalism that goes into making each of your wedding dresses.

The prime service involves a whole day photoshoot at a local wedding venue of your choice. Often its best to choice an aspirational wedding venue that many of your clients mention as one of their shortlist locations when you speak with them. We will cooridnate with the wedding venue, confirming a provisional day and alternate days should the weather cause us to change the original photoshoot day. Wedding florists can be sourced to provide wedding bouquets, wedding jewellers brought in to accessorise the dresses. I can source either freelance or agency retained professional wedding dress models. There are other options e can discuss as well to create beautiful, romantic wedding dress imagery to really show off your creations and create the image of romantic, stunning beauty your clients dream of.

If a whole day location photoshoot is a little too adventurous for we, a simpler and almost as effective solution will be a simple set of full length static studio portraits of each of your dresses. Again I can arrange models or we can use your own if you have access to some. Likewise with wedding make-up artists and stylists. This photoshoot is also excellent compliment to the attention grabbing for a ful location shoot to provide a set of stock images on your website, instagram brand or other online or print sales or marketing channel.

Of course I am happy to quote for and offer you background detail photoshoots and show reels. For example documentary photography of your dressmakers adding detail or key steps in the creation of a dress. Your team taking a bride through dress selection and fitting. We would of course use a model for your promotional and informational imagery.

Photography for bridal clients and wedding dress designers using wedding models @ your favourite wedding venue

As a wedding make up artist / stylist the beautiful art you create in the early hours of the wedding day for the bride, bridesmaids and mother of the bride too often does not get appreciated enough. Often when I speak with brides about their MUA choice they say they couldnt tell until they actually tested with several. All the online phone cam pictures didnt give them the detail of finish to draw their attention to a particular MUA. Hence it was a gamble when they picked which make-up artists to test with.

I obvioulsy have a keen interest in helping my bridal clients pick an MUA and stylist that will bring out their very best look throughout their wedding. Therefore I am always keen to meet with new MUAs in new locations and with distinctive styles such that I can connect my bridal clients with the best MUAs and stylists around.

I offer a portfolio service for MUAs. Usually with a bridal model or a bridal client looking to test with an MUA. The photoshoot will include close detail, overall effect and transformation images in great detail using either natural light or in the darker months portable studio lighting.

Depending on your budget and areas of focus you would like to concentrate on we can spend more time detailing your airbrush technique, lip definition, colour fusion, application techniques, eye styling or anything else you would particularly like to showcase.

Once we have completed a photoshoot together I will add you to my resource of MUA resources that my brides can search and contact based on location, hourly rate, speciality, experience etc. These profiles will also soon be visible to anyone searching my site and will be based on the geographic location they are searching, so you will only hear from local, relevant potential clients. I will also show your portfolio to my wedding dress designers as a recommended MUA for a shoot with them based on your make-up style, their dress stlye and the geographic location of the wedding venue the photoshoot will take place at.

To complete wedding venue photoshoots, wedding dress photoshots and vehcile interiors to show wedding clients

Apart from being able to recommend wedding car provides to my wedding clients, I offer three photographic services to wedding car providers. Firstly an hour, half day or full day photoshoot of your fleet. Secondly to provide to add that finishing detail to the vista and full exterior marketing images for wedding venues. Thirdly and increasingly as a prop for model brides in wedding dresses for photoshoots with wedding dress designers on location.

If you are looking for stand out images of your cars looking their very, in the finest detail, from the best angles then I would be interested to hear from and provide you a bespoke quote. My interest in car photography stems from a period of time professionally photographing motor racing at Brands Hatch. Using natural light with fill-in portable flash to perfect the lighting and look of your vehicles and a picturesque background to really grab the imagination of your potential clients. No more simple pics of your cars on the forecourt or driveway. A set of bespoke, high definiton images that will help you stand out from the competion on online channels and print marketing.

With the more prestiguous wedding venues I work with, the marketing team often like to have a wedding car within their exterior wedding venue marketing photography. When arranging a promtional photoshoot with them, I like to recommend wedding car suppliers I already and have photographed their cars. I know the staff, I know the cars and I know they add to the wedding venue look in just the right way.

When photographing wedding dresses from dress designer promotional material a wedding car can provide that little bit of extra style as a background or as a perfect prop to for seated images. This is of particular importance where the designer also creates their own wedding shoes or to provide more relaxed poses that help the bride imagine herself in that dress and quite possibly in your car too.

So whether you are looking to take your own promotional material to the next level, or are interested in the associated promotion as a result of supplying your vehicles for a wedding venue or wedding dress photoshoot, please get in touch and say hi.

Promoting the wedding dishes and drinks you create for your wedding clients

Your team prepare exquisite dishes with perfect presentation. However you never have photographs from the weddings to show the class and quality of your dishes as the photographer never makes a point of capturing them.

To counter this and to build on my experience in photographing wedding catering and food in general I offer photography of your dishes during your food tastings or we can arrange a private shoot when you are testing new plates. Photographing during menu tests offers the best opportunity as I can photograph with portable studio lights and control the lighting completely to make your dishes really come alive.

If you work closely with a particular wedding venue or marquee provider it is sometimes possible to arrange detailed, professional photography of your dishes being prepared and served during a wedding breakfast or evening buffet where I am attending the wedding as the offical photographer.

During Covid restrictions I am especially interested to meet you if you are working on new dishes to photograph your work and become familiar with your services. Given the tough times for caterers I am currently happy to offer food and drinks photoshoots on a TFP basis. Obviously any shoot will be in strict adherence to the prevailing Covid restrictions at the time and for your geographic location.

Showcasing the detail, beauty, craft and effort in your wedding cakes

Ever wished you can have the photographs to really reveal and highlight the intricacy and beauty of your finest wedding cakes? Wondered how you could portray all the time and effort that goes into your cake construction and decoration?

Blending my work as a wedding photography with time before as a food photographer, I have always have a keen eye on the wedding cake presented at each wedding. Having worked with a cake maker after having seen her cakes appear at several wedding, I have come to appreciate some of the effort and skill involved as well in creating superior wedding cakes.

I offer tailored photoshoots for cake makers now to both help you be able to best show off your creations and skills as well as to be build my list of cake makers to suggest to my clients all over England. We can build a portfolio for you over several meetings. From a couple of hours in your workshop while you perfect a new icing technique, through to the final hours of creating your next client order, I can work with you in documentary or studio perfect style to create photographs that do real justice to your work.

Email or call me with your thoughts and ideas for your wants and needs to improve the presentation of your work however you best like to promote your services.

Creating stand out images of your honeymoon/engagement/hen weekend or holiday property

A trend that I have noticed is growing recently: couples chossing to honeymoon in private properties here in the UK. Equally a growing interest in renting private properties as an engagement weekend or as part of Hen party celebrations. This trend seems to have expereinced an extra boost while we all live under Covid restrictions.

If you own such a property or properties and are looking for photography to make them stand above other similiar properties on online rental aggregator sites such as AirBnB then lets chat! With techniques such as HDR, portable studio lighting, low light photography techniques and a suite of lenses to acurately reflect every size of room we can create a portfolio that will draw more attention to your properties and hence hopefully increase your booking rate.

From time to time, I also need romantic or distinctive properties to host wedding dress photoshoots as well as wedding make up artistry and stylist photography. I also choose from geographically close properties that I already know and have photographed to ensure the look and lighting is ideal for what we need. Should one of your proerpties be suitable for such shoots, it and you will be accredited in all the promotional photography produced for the wedding dress designer, dress models as well as make-up artists and stylists.

Professional grade portraits, headshots and speech showreels

Often during weddings I am approached by toastmasters requesting a headshot or portrait. Of course, this is no problem at all, I am always happy to help a wedding professional as best as I can. However trying to find the space and time to create a perfect portrait for you during a live wedding can, shall we say, be challenging at best. The guests, the catering staff, the schedule of the day often conspire to inter everytime we try.

So, as a higher grade alternative I offer a one hour portrait photoshoot instead. Usually we can arrange this at your favourite wedding venue. Having a separate specific photoshoot allows for the lighting, pose and background to be set perfectly to give you that superior, more professional look for your promotional marketing.

A potentially free alternative for you is to attend one of my wedding venue photoshoots. In return for adding that each look of prestige and an hour or two of your time, I will happily supply you bespoke portraits free of charge. Additionally the venue marketing team will, I'm be sure, be very grateful and remember your contribution when speaking to their future wedding clients.

Professional photographs of your wedding outifts and boutique

If you are a bespoke wedding shoe, morning suit, cravat, or any sort of outfit designer for mother of the bride, bridesmaids, flower girls, ushers or page boys and want professional photographs of your outfits in representative models then I can provide what you are looking for. Studio, wedding venue or outside locations are easily my usual suggestions for backdrops. Depending on the extent of your outift range we can shoot for anything from an hour through to two days.I am able to source models of any age to accurately portray the target client for all of you wedding outfit range. Please get in touch, to further discuss all the possibilites, fees and vision for your brand.

For owners of wedding outfit boutiques obviously the main focus will be the outlay, space and range of outfit stocked within your wedding shop. WE can photograph inside your store from one hour up to a full day. Obviously its best to undertake the photoshoot on a day when the boutique is not open to trade. However if you trade 7 days a week then we can photograph out of business hours using your shops lighting along with my portable studio flash and specialist interior HDR and other photography techniques. Its often best to include one to three models to highlight some of your best and most popular wedding outfits, shoes or other accessories. A quick, informal chat to discuss your needs and to enable me to create a quote that reflects the current covid challenges retailers are facing may well surpirse you as to how easy this is to do as well as how cost effective an option it is to draw attention to your shop in a more professional manner. An effective and fast way to raise your brand above your local competion in time for the coming wave of postponed weddings once we return to normal after Covid.


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